why come to us?

why come to Agewell?


1.      We bring you simple solutions to get you feeling great.

We will not overwhelm you with a long list of lifestyle changes or lots of herbal medicines and supplements to take. We’ll keep it simple.


2.      We can save you money on your medicines or supplements.

It can be overwhelming to choose the right supplement; are you taking two or three products when there is one that will address your needs. At Agewell we can help you consolidate your supplements down to those you really need, potentially saving you a fortune on pills and potions.


3.      We can get your health back on track faster than going it alone.

As a natural therapist I have spent years training and treating patients, so I know what I am talking about. I can provide simple health solutions that help you get back to the healthy life you want faster and simpler than going it alone.


     4.   We know what we’re talking about; we’ve spent years learning this stuff.

             By visiting us you are professionally prescribed what is right for you and you only to get you on track faster than going it alone. Plus the therapies we recommend are safe and very effective when professionally supervised.


     5.   We guarantee what we do.

            If you follow our prescribed treatment plan your health will improve. If while following our          

            prescribed treatment plan your health does not improve, we will continue to treat you for  

            free* until you are back on track.

            *consultation fee only, products additional