• As a result of glandular fever I have had a constant struggle with frequent colds and feeling rundown. After a thorough examination into my health, Deborah prescribed me a number of different techniques to increase my immune system. After a couple of months, I felt energised, healthier and more optimistic about my health. I can’t thank Deborah enough.

– Ashley

• I’d known for many years that something wasn’t ‘right’ with my system. I was always tired, suffered continual digestive problems, and my doctor didn’t seem to know what to do about it. Thank goodness I went to Agewell! At the first consultation, Debbie (a true professional) listened to everything I had to say, realised what was wrong and proceeded to address the problem.

There were noticeable improvements immediately I started on the treatment plan. Although I know it will take a little while to get to 100%, I know that I will. I also love the massages – guaranteed to get rid of stress. Without hesitation I recommend Agewell (and Deborah) to you – I feel better than I have for years!

– Mel

• I decided to go to Deborah at Agewell as I was constantly feeling sick and lethargic. I am aged 25 and I am an early childhood teacher, so my health, immune system and energy, has to be at its best every day. My symptoms consisted of mild headaches, blocked sinuses, constant sneezing (every morning and during the night) dizziness, clouded head, always feeling sick, tired and generally low energy. I would come home from work exhausted and have naps. Then sleep all through the night as well. Over the years I had thought this was hay fever, so I have spent a lot of money on hay fever products. However, I found out, through Deborah’s consultations that I had intolerances to different types of food, a major one being Dairy products.

I was educated on my diet and how it was influencing my symptoms and my overall wellbeing. Deborah provided me with herbal medications and information on excluding certain foods from my diet. Giving up dairy was very hard as it is in many foods. Deborah encouraged me along the way and I was honestly feeling better within weeks, with more energy, unblocked sinuses and a clearer head. My partner can vouch for this as he now can sleep through the night without me waking him up with sneezing fits. Thankyou Deborah